Extravagance on the Hawkesbury

There are team-building exercises, and then there are team-building excursions. Hiring a private boat qualifies as the latter. Central Coast Life & Style’s team recently experienced the luxury side of promoting team spirit with a unique expedition aboard the M.V. Zephyr. A beautiful old gal, this bareboat charter offers up one of the most exceptional boutique charter boat experiences on the Pittwater.

Central Coast & Style’s team boarded the charter boat on the Central Coast side of the Hawkesbury River. They enjoyed the sights and sounds of the river while indulging in some canapes. The team sailed around to the Cottage Point Inn for lunch, where they had the option of an a la carte meal or a seven-course tasting menu with vegetarian options available.

The event was a huge hit. Small boats for hire are not just ideal for team-building events – they are also a great way to celebrate a special occasion with friends, family, colleagues, or business associates. A stylish option to the usual sit-down dinner meeting, cruising the river while snacking on canapes is the perfect opportunity to connect. Whether it is with friends and family members or a prospective client, a trip down the Hawkesbury River on a luxury yacht for hire is a grand way to make a big impression.

From requests to borrow to a brilliant idea

M.V. Zephyr is owned and operated by Marcel Dupont-Louis. After years of having friends and family members constantly asking him to borrow his personal boat, Dupont-Louis came up with a brilliant idea. He quickly determined there was a market for a private boat hire in Pittwater and then set out to open his own boat for hire business. In 2019, he purchased a fishing trawler and transformed it into the magnificence that is the M.V. Zephyr. Add in a stylist to decorate the boat, a caterer, and a cocktail maker and voila – it is the perfect recipe for a luxury outing for any occasion!

Planning a private boat hire to sail the Central Coast

Hiring out the M.V. Zephyr is not a luxury exclusive to Central Coasters. The same trip is available from Newport on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where the M.V. Zephyr is based. Sydneysiders have the option of accessing this same day trip by picking up the boat from Newport on the Northern Beaches.

When planning a private boat hire for the M.V. Zephyr, it is important to keep the following features in mind:

  • The M.V. Zephyr comfortably seats up to 30 passengers.
  • Guests enjoy a single flat entertaining area during their cruise.
  • A surround-sound system brings music and other presentations to life.
  • The below-deck lounge room is a great place to enjoy a cocktail or canape.

Zephyr Charters catering options are available to guests who hire out the M.V. Zephyr for the day. From the grazing table to the long lunch sit-down four-course menu, there is an option to suit every taste and budget. Onboard catering is provided by Rukus Café.

Cruisers are offered the option of docking at the Cottage Point Inn to enjoy a delectable offboard meal. The inn previously served as a boathouse, a general store, and a post office for the river community before transforming into a pleasant bistro inn.

Current owners Shane and Ally Olesen have continued the tradition at Cottage Point Inn, turning it into a fine-dining establishment for in-the-know boaties and Sydneysiders. The inn is open for both lunch and dinner.

For more information or to plan your own fabulous day trip visit: ZephyrCharters.com.au and CottagePointInn.com.au

Jess Verrender

Jess is a journalist living on the NSW Central Coast. Coming from news.com.au she's written for realestate.com.au, interviewed celebrities such as Johnny Manuel from The Voice, Kyal and Kara from The Block, as well as model and reality TV star Elise Knowles. We're honoured to have her on our team.