How To Be An ‘Artvestor’ – Collecting & Investing in Original Artworks

Kerry-Anne Blanket, Director and Curator of the KAB Gallery in Terrigal, gives us the lowdown on collecting and investing in original artworks.

Owning original artworks has become more accessible and relevant for homeowners in recent years. It is no longer the domain of gallery owners and specialist collectors. More and more people are starting their collection of gorgeous original art at home, finding it to be a satisfying way to both stamp their homes with their style and invest their well-earned cash on something tangible to enjoy. The potential for making an investment return from their collections in the medium to long term is also driving a significant increase in the market.

As the Director and Curator of KAB Gallery in Terrigal and Sydney and an experienced art collector, I know firsthand that art is a great investment. One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is helping my clients realise their desire to build their collections of art, which brings them joy by being displayed in their home and the assurance that all art has been quality vetted.

Investing in original art has great payoff because while you can immediately enjoy a return on your investment by enjoying it on your wall, you can also hold onto it as a long-term investment with the prospect of one day achieving a financial return. Buying something to resell for profit is a slightly more complex process than buying for love and to hang in your home forever. This is because investors need to ensure they are buying something that meets specific financial criteria (such as the artist’s sales history and mediums) while also ensuring that it connects in an emotive way. Art can be a fun investment that brings together financial gain and aesthetics – two things that rarely meet!

Any investment is a project requiring the investor to be informed and open to risk. Like any investment, art is a gamble, and often a higher risk can realise the most significant investment return. However, risk is always present. Just like a share market investment, no matter how safe a stock looks, the reality is that the price could go backwards, or a company you have invested in could even fold.

However, this is where art investors will always win. Because the enjoyment in your investment is immediate, while markets may fall and wane, value is derived from enjoying the work and you will always retain the physical item.

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