Ken Duncan: A Coastie Icon

He was almost arrested sword fighting Mel Gibson in Avoca and was Cyndi Lauper’s driver for a couple of days but we all know Ken Duncan best as one of Australia’s most iconic and talented landscape photographers.

It’s a name that brings to mind beautiful panoramas of Australia’s countryside and seaside; stunning views with intense, saturated colours; and dreamy sunsets exploding with pink and orange hues.

While there would be many Australian households and businesses with a signed Ken Duncan on their wall, perhaps not all know that he has called the Central Coast home for more than 30 years.

“The Central Coast is without doubt one of the most beautiful coastal regions in Australia. For a landscape photographer, there is so much to see here on the Coast. I’m still discovering beautiful new pockets of paradise all the time,” he said.

Ken Duncan Gallery, Erina Heights

Ken Duncan Gallery, Erina Heights. Photo: Ken Duncan

Those in the know have probably popped into the Ken Duncan Gallery at Erina Heights.

The lovely light-filled gallery on The Entrance Road looks like a stately manor surrounded by fragrant, manicured gardens and towering bushland.

Inside, Ken Duncan fans can immerse themselves in the photographer’s bright and bold world with a gallery space boasting eye-catching images from watering holes in Africa to the Skillion at Terrigal.

at Ken Duncan Gallery

‘After the Storm’ at Ken Duncan Gallery. Photo: Ken Duncan

On the gallery’s walls, there are usually a few sweeping landscapes of our beautiful backyard.

‘After the Storm’ was snapped one stormy day at Terrigal Beach: “I had just arrived, at the tail end of the storm, when suddenly this rainbow appeared and a curtain of tranquillity descended, with the most beautiful golden light illuminating the scene in front of me. I love the little fisherman out on the point, giving scale to the scene. He continued fishing throughout my shoot, unaware that he was one of the central pieces in this unfolding play. It was a magical moment for me – a reminder that although we may face storms in life, when we eventually come through them, there may often be a promise of peace at the end,” Ken explained.

'Nostalgia' at Ken Duncan Gallery

‘Nostalgia’ at Ken Duncan Gallery. Photo: Ken Duncan

Another Terrigal image, titled Arms of the Ocean as inspired by Florence and The Machines’ Never Let Me Go, underlines Ken’s love affair with The Skillion at Terrigal.

“I have spent a lot of time there, waiting and contemplating.  I love the place.  It is like a perfect canvas, where the Creator can paint a new masterpiece each day. And it is forever changing,” he said.

After a visit to the gallery, pop into Kew Dining. The adjacent cafe has been taken over by the folks behind Wamberal’s much-loved Lotus cafe and offers the chance to refuel with great coffee, breakfast, lunch or high tea.