Shakti Grace of Nourished + Nurtured: The Ultimate Food Alchemist

If you’ve ever attended an event where Nourished + Nurtured have done the catering, you’re sure to know what we mean when we say that this is no ordinary food – Shakti and her team are the ultimate food alchemists. Specialising in fresh and flavoursome menus to meet all kinds of requirements, they’ve catered retreats, weddings, birthdays, private dinners, corporate events – the list goes on.

Shakti Grace food alchemist

Photography by Josef Nalevansky

As the owner and Head Chef of Nourished and Nurtured, Shakti is a professional chef and food alchemist, accredited yoga teacher, certified breathwork facilitator and a dedicated apprentice in the Native American traditions – so as you can imagine, her food is pretty cool, too. We were lucky enough to experience her culinary creativity at a recent workshop event, hosted by Lisa Messenger. Building on her previous life as a private chef on the yachts of high-profile clients around the world, Shakti combines her experience with her passion for food alchemy to build menus that are wholesome, clean, full of superfoods and great for the body.

double cream fetta nourished and nurtured food alchemist

Double cream feta with house fermented lime honey and lava salt

With serious skills when it comes to plant-based, vegetarian and gut-friendly meals, Shakti and her N+N team can also create dazzling seafood and meat menus as well as delicious clean sweets and canapes. From grazing boards to private services for busy families, couples and those with special dietary needs, they can tailor a package for any requirement, both short and long term.

Zucchini shreds, mixed leaf rocket salad with cucumber and activated seeds.

Examples of Nourished + Nurtured creations include grazing boards featuring whipped labneh, baked camembert and fish ceviche – while cured seafood, slow cooked meats and dozens of salad options ensure that everyone at the table is well looked after. And if you have a sweet tooth, we personally recommend the dark-chocolate kaffir lime cake or orange and almond cake with orange and pistachio.

example of menu food alchemist

A recent Nourished + Nurtured menu example from an event courtesy of our partners Nirvana Wellness and Belle Escapes

For the fullest expression of what Nourished + Nurtured have to offer, Shakti also offers holistic retreats. Combining various healing modalities with wholesome, clean foods, Shakti can merge nutrition and nutritional education with yoga, breathwork, bushwalking, Qi Gong and drum making, and so much more for the ultimate holistic escape. Her retreats are designed to give participants the opportunity to surrender and connect to both themselves and those around them – letting go of the stressors of modern life to anchor their body, mind and spirit more deeply to the world around them.

These retreats are offered from properties in both Copacabana, here on the Central Coast, and also at Bilpin in the Blue Mountains.

Shakti also specialises in nutritional education, which is also briefly shared at events upon request.

Alongside her catering business and retreat offerings, Shakti also has created ‘Alchemy’ – a  range of high-frequency, supportive products created from superior ingredients. The range includes the ‘Vitality Elixir’, designed to flush your liver and support joints, the Alchemy Supergreens, designed to offer a detox and energy boost, as well as the adaptogenic Cacao Elixir, clean-tasting Soothing Tisane herbal tea, and complete plant-based protein, 45 Hemp Pro Plus.


To purchase products from the Alchemy range, book Shakti for your next group retreat, or to plan a specially curated menu like no other for your next event, you can contact Shakti and her team through their website at