Summer hair with flair

With temperatures soaring into the 40s and the Central Coast a haven for beach lovers, we share some hair care tips for summer.

Summer hair with care 1

For starters, you can get your hair ready by adopting a summer hair care routine, getting rid of dry, damaged strands and opting for a fun but simple, low-maintenance look. This means scaling down the styling (minimise using heat tools, please!) and going for loose romantic braids, casual updos and carefree beach-babe waves.

Limit your styling products to protective hairsprays and hair-illuminating products so as not to weigh it down whilst giving it essential care. Once a week, at night, let your hair soak up the nutrients of a nourishing mask to keep your hair healthy and beautiful inside-out.

Get the beach look

For styling inspiration, master these beach beauty looks a la Jennifer Hawkins, Elle Ferguson and Jemma Rix.

Jennifer Hawkins, model

Jennifer Hawkins’ swirl of blonde hair has always been the envy of many, coming up as one of the most requested colours in Australia’s hairdressing salons. A Newcastle native, former Miss Universe and an international model, the blonde bombshell wears her golden locks effortlessly – ready for the beach or a fancy party.

Elle Ferguson, beauty products

Summer hair with care 2

The epitome of understated glamour and power, self-made beauty entrepreneur and influencer Elle Ferguson is the brain behind the vegan Elle Effect sunless self-tanning products. Hailing from the Central Coast, Elle usually sports the beach girl aesthetic with her long, beachy blonde locks delicately framing her face.

Jemma Rix, actress

Summer hair with care 1

Starring as Elsa in December in the Australian production of ‘Frozen’, Jemma Rix is a natural redhead who usually wears her gorgeous tresses loose or held up in a casual ponytail. A successful actress, singer and theatre performer, Jemma grew up in Avoca Beach, on the NSW Central Coast. It’s no wonder she always looks beach-ready, whether she’s playing a witch, the girlfriend of a ghost or an Argentinian head of state. 

Natural solutions for hair care in hot weather

Keeping things natural is key to vibrant, nourished and healthy summer hair – and there are lots of great options out there.

Protect the ends of your hair from sun damage by keeping the delicate ends hidden inside a casual bun or pinned under a loose French braid. Hide your hair from the harsh rays of the sun by wearing cool, funky or stylish hats, scarves, bandannas or patterned headbands.

Take a break from heat styling and go for natural beach waves to avoid overdrying your tresses. Keep your hair moisturised, smooth and colour-protected with an anti-UV protective nourishing treatment.  Apply a UV hair protector that also works to un-frizz hair or spritz on a mixture of sunscreen diluted in water before heading out.

DIY at-home hair hacks

Don’t you just love it when everything you need to keep your hair gorgeous is just waiting there in your pantry? Here’s how to take care of your hair in summer, DIY style:

For flakiness, use a pre-shampoo hair wash made of apple cider vinegar, water and tea tree oil.

To add shine and softness to dry hair, mix together coconut oil, honey, and apple cider vinegar and then apply.

Must-have fashion accessories

We asked Stephanie from La Boheme to give us some styling tips to match with our summer hair and beach days. Stephanie suggested upping the ante of your summer look with these must-have styling accessories:

Be effortlessly femme with a skirt or long flowing kaftan or lightweight summer dress. Just put it on over your bikini set or any kind of swimwear, and you’re ready to strut your stuff beachside.

Add some flair to your hair with a bandanna. It’ll not only look good on you but also protect your hair from sun exposure. Then layer on something sheer. Whether it’s lace, cotton or some other light and breezy fabric, you’re sure to feel a million dollars in these summer-friendly materials.

Layer on some gold. Whether it’s chunky, statement or delicate golden chains, or ornate earrings, don’t be afraid to pile on some bling to add some sizzle to your summer getup.

Get summer-ready

Looking and feeling like a beach babe doesn’t need a lot of styling and planning. Just check out these tips as you prep your hair and yourself for a fun Central Coast summer.

Jess Verrender

Jess Verrender

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