His and hers: The ultimate gift guide

Shopping for unique luxury gifts during holidays, birthdays, or just about any day you deem special can be a real chore, especially if you don’t know where to look. Good thing the Central Coast has plenty of options available.

His and hers The ultimate gift guide Cover

Whether you’re searching for luxury gifts for men or luxury gifts for women in the NSW Central Coast, there’s something you’ll find that’s perfect for your recipient.

And we’re not just talking about gifts for your significant other — it could be something for your BFF, your mum and dad, your favourite neighbour, or your company’s employee of the year. So, here’s your ultimate luxury gift guide for him and her.

Gift experiences

For some people, experiential gifts are the best unusual luxury gifts as these give them the chance to do something or be somewhere different. You don’t even need to look hard to find really great ones here on the Central Coast. Below are some excellent examples:

For him or her: Best for those who love ocean flavours

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This Is The Life’ Tour (3 hours): Go on a boat tour to an oyster farm, see an actual pearl harvest, and then cap it all off with a sumptuous lunch with your choice of sparkling beverage (beer or wine) at the Mooney Mooney Club. Price ​@ $160 per person.

Oyster Elegance Tour (3-5 hours): Take a boat ride out to oyster leases and an oyster farm. Experience behind-the-scene oyster cultivation methods and open fresh oysters with a guide. Then relax at a secluded beach with picturesque ocean views as you enjoy a fresh seafood lunch from the Estuary Restaurant. Price ​@ $295-245 per person depending on group size.

For him or her: Ideal for certified vino and heritage lovers

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Morning Bushtucker Day at Firescreek Winery (5 hours): Partake of the wisdom of local Aboriginal elders with true blue wines and tucker, including a cleansing ceremony and the fascinating history of the bushland. Enjoy a delicious lunch at the Bamboo Buddha, and then proceed to Firescreek Botanical Winery for a traditional smoking cleansing ceremony, more cultural learning, and wine-tasting. Price ​@ $299 per person.

Afternoon Bushtucker at Firescreek Winery (1.5 hours): The shorter afternoon session immerses you in Aboriginal culture, including a cleansing ceremony, wine-tasting, and an in-depth exposure to native flora and local botanicals used for making their unique wines. Price ​@ $115 per person.

For him or her: Great for culinary enthusiasts

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One other great alternative would be to gift him or her the chance to take cooking classes at Julie’s Place. Headed by the first-ever winner of MasterChef Australia (2009) Julie Goodwin, Julie’s Place is a great venue for developing or improving your culinary skills, especially in her Lebanese, Chinese, and Italian classes. Price ​@ $200 per person per class.

Arty gifts

For those who love art and crafts, there’s nothing like arty gifts to make their day. Check out these arty luxury gifts for women or men in the NSW Central Coast:

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Shop at Mooch Inside: A place where artists’ works and designers’ products are showcased, this art gallery-cum-boutique has a wonderful collection of art, furniture, homeware, and fashion finds, including men’s and women’s cotton and linen clothing. You’ll be amazed by the extensive crockery and cutlery range that are simply perfect for Coastal living.

Take art classes at Pinot & Picasso Terrigal: Get in touch with your inner creative! Pinot & Picasso is a great place to get seriously artsy whilst nibbling on your favourite snack and wine. All sessions include painting materials and a professional artist providing assistance. Some of their themes include Paint Your Pooch, Mount Fuji, Monstera Deliciosa, and Midsummer Night’s Dream. Price ​@ $59-69 per person per class.

Handmade gifts

Some of the best luxury gifts in NSW Central Coast are made by hand, as these handcrafted gifts are quite personal and distinctive. Find the best handmade gifts for him or her right in these special shops:

Lisa Sanasi Ceramics: For him or her

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Crockery for him: Lisa Sanasi is a well-known Killcare artisan who makes one-of-a-kind crockery inspired by the coastal life that’ll make great gifts for him.

Jewellery for her: Inspired by the ocean, Lisa Sanasi jewellery comes in soothing pastel shades that’ll suit any sea lover.

Lisa Carney Design: Luxury gifts for the woman who likes the finer things in life

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Avoca-based jewellery designer Lisa Carney’s gorgeous collection features materials as diverse as brass, mother-of-pearl, organic pearls, aquamarine, and more. Choose a piece that’s as unique as her.

Beach meets bush: Inspired by the ocean and gumtrees, this collection features mother-of-pearl, oyster shell, and opals.

Pearls: Iridescent pearls take centre stage in this beautiful collection.

Glimmer: The fashionable and sophisticated Glimmer collection is all about accessorising for summer.

Arafura Canvas: Leather goods for him or her

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Function or utility also figure in the best luxury gifts for men in the NSW Central Coast, as well as for women — and this is something you’re sure to find at Arafura Canvas, where everything is meticulously handmade. And although we usually associate certain products with a specific gender, any of these gifts can be great choices for him or her. 

For him: Toiletry bags and tool belts

For her: Purses, handbags, and peg buckets

For him or her: Wine totes, firewood carriers, gift buckets, and boat covers

Indulgent gifts

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What could be more indulgent than satisfying earthly cravings with these luxury gifts for her or him in the NSW Central Coast?

Luka Chocolates, Wyong: makes fine artisan chocolates that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Their chocolate and champagne pairings are perfect for chocolate lovers and those with a penchant for high-quality French bubbly.

Distillery Botanica, Central Coast: is a boutique distillery famous for their award-winning spirits, such as Moore’s Dry Gin and Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. Other Distillery Botanica spirits worth trying include their signature vodka and range of fine liqueurs.

Hopefully, with this detailed gift guide for him and her, we’re making gift-shopping in the Central Coast so much easier and fun for you. Enjoy!

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