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Publisher, entrepreneur, property expert and Principal of Belle Central Coast, Cathy Baker, is a household name if you live here on the Coast and throughout the real estate world across the country. We sat down with Cathy who maintains the number one spot in luxury listings on the Coast and asked what the future of

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Sweet Serenity – Idyllic Holiday Homes in Terrigal

Two idyllic hideaways in Terrigal’s lush countryside offer everything you need to relax, revive and re-energise. Perhaps you’re aching to shake off the stress in a place that allows your mind to begin harmonising with your body once again; perhaps you and your partner are searching for a romantic escape, or there’s a very special

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In the Mood

Styling your Central Coast home is easier if you follow basic design principles and get a great stylist onboard to help you.

Belle Escapes

Elixir Journeys #2

Offering thrilling, nature based experiences paired with fabulous food and wine, Elixir Journeys bring a touch of luxury to the NSW Central Coast.

Belle Escapes

Elixir Journeys #1

Elixir Journeys offer premium tourism experiences like private yachts, mystery picnics, helicopter wine tours and mystery escapes across the NSW Central Coast.

Property Insights

You won’t regret buying a weekender

Find out why it’s a great time to invest in a holiday home on the NSW Central Coast. Prestige property specialist Cathy Baker shares her insights.

Properties for Sale

One-of-a-kind luxury coastal homes

Discover five inspiring luxury homes on the NSW Central Coast. We stickybeak at a Tuscan style estate, a swanky waterfront penthouse to a picturesque acreage.

Holiday Homes

Holidaying with pets

Give your furry feline or canine family member, the vacation they deserve. Today, we share different ways to holiday with pets on the NSW Central Coast.

Belle Escapes

Putty Beach Retreat

Putty Beach is the perfect place to go to become immersed in nature, a peaceful environment that is great for swimming, fishing and bushwalking.

Belle Escapes

Casa de Pueblo

Set on the high side of the road to capture the fresh sea breezes, Casa De Pueblo is the place to escape and unwind in a truly scenic location.

Belle Escapes

Clare De Lune

Considered romantic enough for a feature on Channel Nine’s Married at First Sight, Clare De Lune is one of Belle Escape’s most popular holiday escapes.