Our Fave Fish’n’Chips

Like blue and white stripes, bacon and eggs, and cheese and wine – fish and chips just go together.

Add the beach on a balmy eve and a box of crunchy chips with a chunk of fresh, flaky fish coated in a crisp batter, a dollop of tartare, a sprinkling of salt and a squirt of lemon, and you’ve got a winning summer combo.

Here are some of our fave places to net a classic box of fish’n’chips on the Central Coast.

Woy Woy Fishermen’s Wharf

Underneath the pelicans and through the plastic curtain is the wonderful world of Woy Woy Fishermen’s Wharf.

One half of the shopfront sells seafood of every kind and the other whips up takeaway to be devoured on the wooden tables out front or somewhere along the waterway.

There’s your usual battered fish’n’chips for a tenner, or for something more exotic you can mix it up with a menu of local catches such as sweet lip or shark, flathead or orange roughy for an extra couple of bux.

Avoca Beach Seafoods

A stone’s throw from the golden sands of Avoca, Avoca Beach Seafoods offers fish’n’chips with a helluva view.

The pieces of fish are as long as your arm and are served with fat, salty chips.

Inside the the prawn cocktails’ golden batter you will find actual, plump prawns. And they have another of our fave beachside treats – ice cream cones.

Darrons Seafood

It’s hard to beat Darrons Seafood at Wamberal for value and speed.

Their ‘small’ fish’n’chips only costs $7 and it comes with a whopping piece of flaky fish and there are always chips leftover. There is also usually a reasonably priced special like whiting or snapper for a few extra bux.

Even though the shop is always busy, we’ve never waited more than 15 minutes. And the best part, they throw in a couple of tartare sauces without charge.

Located on The Entrance Road, it’s a few streets away from Wamberal lagoon or beach so there is always somewhere nice nearby to chow down.

The Box on the Water

For a casual seaside snack, The Box on the Water at Ettalong offers takeaway beer battered fish with skinny chips from the old school kiosk out the back – best eaten on the nearby beach or along the waterfront, in the company of ducks and seagulls.

Or go a bit gourmet and nab a wishbone seat in the stylish restaurant for some flathead or barra with house-made tartare.

The Waters Edge

At The Waters Edge at The Entrance, you can eat your fish’n’chips while watching little fish flit about in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon.

The beer batter is so crisp it’s like a golden peanut brittle, sheltering beautiful flaky, white fish.

It’s best enjoyed with a cold one under the brollies on the boardwalk or if there’s no tables left, you can order takeaway and tuck in anywhere along the water front.


A nouveau Coastie, Christine is the stripe-toting, donut-scoffing, beach-loving, ristretto-drinking creator of Coastal Chic.