4 Reasons You Need to Try Smile On Clinics

Our partners at Smile On Clinics offer a network of premium dental practices across the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Sydney regions – and their approach to dentistry is quickly gaining momentum…

With their flagship clinic, Mingara Dental, located in Tumbi Umbi, and other clinics including Tailored Teeth in Burwood, as well as Avoca Beach, Bonnells Bay, Empire Bay, Saratoga and Warnervale, we’ve done our best to summarise the reasons you should try Smile On Clinics for your next check-up.

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Words by Jacqueline O’Neill, Images supplied.

1. Patients are always front and centre

For the groups two founding clinicians, Dr Ned Restom and Dr David Bassal, patient experience is always the key focus.

Whether patients are in for routine care, like a scale and clean, or want to transform their smiles, every patient is well looked after. With dedicated consultation spaces and large screens in every treatment room, the priority is that patients are comfortable.

“We know that more than 50 per cent of patients have some kind of anxiety about going to the dentist,” explains David. “A large number of our treatments require action from both us and the patient, and for our best chance at success, we need communication and trust.”

2. Co-Founders Dr Ned Restom & Dr David Bassell are two of the most passionate dentists you’ll meet

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Ned moved to the Central Coast in 2006, promptly falling in love with everything that the beautiful region has to offer. He founded Avoca Beach Dental in 2010 to provide comprehensive, high-quality dental services to the community, and has always had a passion for cosmetic dentistry and implantology.

Ned is also one of the founding members of the Australasian Implant Academy, as is David, and both pride themselves on consistently being at the top of their field when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

David’s expertise lies in cosmetic and functional smile rehabilitation using the latest in predictive smile design techniques. His entrepreneurial and personable nature has led him to provide an all-round exceptional dental experience, founding Warnervale Dental in 2018 and Mingara Dental later in 2020 with Ned and general manager Claudine Restom-Narciss.

Both Ned and David are highly passionate about digital dentistry and modern techniques that enable minimally invasive treatment, exceptional patient comfort and predictable results.

3. They can help you visualise your new smile with Digital Smile Design

In the past, patients have had minimal control of the outcome when requesting a ‘new smile’ from their clinician. Using modern technology, orthodontic treatments and dental prosthetics are created with measurements taken from digital 3D scans. These are then coupled with the patient’s vision of their ideal smile.

smile on clinics dental

At Smile On Clinics, the Digital Smile Design algorithm gives patients the ability to visualise an ‘architectural plan’ of their new look. This technology can create the ‘perfect’ natural smile specific to each patient – because no smile is the same.

“We collaborate with the patient and change the size, width, colour or texture of teeth as part of the design, while being able to inform the patient of any positives or drawbacks of these changes,” Ned explains.

“The final design is an exact representation of what the patient receives, and we can even create a 3D-printed example for the patient to try.”

Your final Digital Smile Design is the result of one or more treatments that Smile On Clinics have to offer. Sometimes, you’ll need orthodontics such as Invisalign, which straighten your smile without braces to improve the function and appearance of your teeth.

You can improve the colour of your teeth, reshape them and hide imperfections with veneers. These are very thin, custom-made shells added to the front of each tooth – made from either porcelain or composite resin, depending on your needs.

Veneers appear natural-looking and perfectly complement your facial features.

4. From Invisalign, to veneers and Teeth On Implants® – your experience is fully customised

If you have missing, decayed or chipped teeth, TEETH ON IMPLANTS® can also help you smile again. This treatment offers permanent replacement teeth that look, feel and function just like natural teeth. They are perfectly aligned, and the shade is customised to match your existing teeth – with minimal maintenance and only a single-visit procedure required.

smile on clinics dental

Smile On Clinics are currently welcoming new patients (including us, immediately after we sat down with them – we were genuinely that impressed).

Payment options are available depending on individual treatments, and Smile On Clinics work with several private health funds.

To find a clinic near you or book an appointment, head to their website. You can also check out more of their work on their Instagram and Facebook.