How to stay healthy and well over summer #1

After a tough year, now is the right time to shift the focus back to health. Some of the coast’s top health gurus are offering advice on how to stay physically and spiritually well over the summer, with some fun ideas thrown into the mix.

Staying healthy over summer 1

The year 2020 has really shown us who’s boss, hasn’t it? No matter how hard we might try to control our individual worlds, we just don’t get to decide on how everything pans out. For many of us, health and wellbeing were shifted to the back seat.

The struggle is incredibly understandable but, as the famous Thomas Jefferson quote suggests, ‘without health, there is no happiness’. So with plenty of warm days left to inspire a reset, perhaps now is the time to make a change?

Central Coast Life & Style teamed up with some inspiring local businesses to suggest some fun ways to stay healthy this summer.


Staying healthy over summer 2

Central Coast health gurus Scott Madden and Elle Nielsen know all about how good being fit and healthy feels.

The Central Coast-based pair started a smoothie bowl business called Bowlarama in 2019 and also run a gym called Body Movement, with both businesses next door to each other in Kincumber. Their mission is simple ‒ to bring people together and create top-quality smoothie bowls that are both nutritious and delicious. 

Feel like something sweet? Bowlarama makes a delicious Snickers Bowl with banana, dates, cacao, peanut butter and coconut milk. Prefer something a little more fruity? The Fire Bowl is made with dragonfruit, mango, raspberries and coconut milk.

Their most popular is the Ocean Bowl, a tropical blend of fruits with blue spirulina. The team also offers delicious smoothies and protein balls that give you that sweet hit without all the nasty ingredients.

Elle commented it was important to stay healthy over summer because when you look after your mind and body, you feel lighter and happier. “You’ll have energy to do more and feel healthy and happy as opposed to tired and lethargic. It is just mood boosting,” she remarked.

Bowlarama launched their Kincumber store in June 2019, Long Jetty in November 2019 and are due to launch in Terrigal in December 2020.

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Staying healthy over summer 7

If you’ve spent a bit too much time at the pub this year, you won’t need to be told that alcohol is a real menace when it comes to feeling healthy.

Ready to take a bit of a step away from the booze bloat and find some new energy? How about switching the tequila for a healthy tonic shot?

Modern Organic at Long Jetty have teamed up with Naturopath Scott Collins from Grasses of Life to create ‘Vitality shots’, with the menu using Scott’s concentrated superfood elixirs.

There are four types of shots, and they are all packed full of the good stuff. The Rehydration is made from Australian black sea minerals, sea salt and orange extract topped with coconut water. The drink is a complete source of natural electrolytes and is perfect after working up a sweat in a hot yoga class or after a big night out.

The Aloe Turmeric is made with activated turmeric and organic whole Aloe Vera juice topped with coconut water. This shot is a natural probiotic and contains anti-inflammatory and white blood cell boosting properties.

Staying healthy over summer 8

The Digestive is a papaya superfood concentrate. Naturally sour, it aids digestions and contains vegan probiotic cultures. 

Lastly, the Super Greens packs a real punch when it comes to giving yourself that healthy boost. It contains wheatgrass, barley grass, alfalfa probiotic concentrate rich in naturally fermented plant enzymes. 

The shots are a perfect addition to Modern Organic, which is a café and yoga studio designed to nourish and nurture the mind, body and spirit through honest and delicious whole foods, yoga, meditation, workshops and community connection.

Built and owned by local couple Kiran and Kirt Mallie, the café is tucked away from the main road in an aptly named Zen garden, where flavourful and creative food will leave your taste buds dancing. The yoga studio is host to over 25 classes each week, ranging from dynamic hot yoga to gentle restorative classes and mindfulness meditation.

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Staying healthy over summer 5

Passionate, vibrant, energetic, red-headed, ball of love Georgie Way is a fitness trainer who likes to do things a little differently.

In 2017, the former Ninja Warrior trial runner created her quirky cardio workout called the ‘Carport of Death’, a challenging variety of cardio- and strength-based hybrid workouts held in her Umina carport.

The sessions are a challenge, but Georgie’s charismatic personality is the clincher – she really helps her clients have fun while working out.

Staying healthy over summer 4

A self-titled ‘Ginga Ninja’, Georgie is big on laughing while exercising, which is proven not only to be good for your respiratory and cardiovascular systems, but can also raise the body’s endorphin levels. When you are less susceptible to the pain and fatigue caused from exercise, it can help greatly with pushing through a workout, keeping the momentum going, even as your body starts to tire.

The classes started as a fun addition for Georgie’s regular PT clients and has now grown to five sessions per week. She also offers yoga classes, group workouts and individual sessions ‘Carport of Death’ classes are held online and in the flesh on Tuesday 5:30pm, Thursday 4:15pm and 5pm, Friday 3:30pm and Saturday 9am.

To book, visit

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