How to stay healthy and well over summer #2

After a tough year, now is the right time to shift the focus back to health. Some of the coast’s top health gurus are offering advice on how to stay physically and spiritually well over the summer, with some fun ideas thrown into the mix.

5 summer health tips from Bowlarama’s Scott and Elle

1. Get moving! 

Staying healthy over summer 4

The best way to keep active over the summer period is by exploring the local area (if you’re away on holidays or kicking back at home over the break) and walking! Finding national parks, bushwalks and waterfalls off the beaten track always makes you feel alive.

2. Start your day right 

Setting your day up for success starts with what you do first. We love getting up early, walking to our local coffee shop and nourishing our bodies with a fresh and healthy breakfast. Plus, you can’t go past the sweetness and juiciness of those summer fruits. It’s always a great idea to hit the gym first thing in the morning before it gets too hot, and you get too tired after being in the sun all day! 

3. Make your fridge colourful and vibrant 

Stock up on all the fresh fruit and veggies so you always have something nourishing to grab. There are also so many amazing health-food cafes and kiosks popping up all the time as we become a more health-conscious society, so do your research and check out what’s available in your local area.

4. Stay hydrated and protected 

Staying healthy over summer 7

As the weather heats up, it is even more important to ensure you are drinking enough water to keep your energy up. We are very conscious of wearing sunscreen every day, packing a hat, sunnies and beach umbrella for outdoor adventures, and get regular check-ups at the skin cancer clinic. 

5. Have fun! 

Central Coast activities through summer 4

Relax, kick back and make activities part of your summer plan. There are so many ways to remain active outside of the gym, such as taking a frisbee or ball to the beach, surfing, swimming and adventuring to somewhere we have never been before. 

Jess Verrender

Jess is a journalist living on the NSW Central Coast. Coming from she's written for, interviewed celebrities such as Johnny Manuel from The Voice, Kyal and Kara from The Block, as well as model and reality TV star Elise Knowles. We're honoured to have her on our team.