Stylish dining at The BOX Ettalong

Since opening on Ettalong's waterfront a few years ago, The BOX on the Water has breathed new life into fine dining on the Peninsula.


Lords of Pour: a world of coffee in Ettalong

Like many young Coasties, Ben Coward headed for the big smoke when he grew up and has returned years later to start a business and a family. Luckily for locals, the 29-year-old Umina resident has also brought a world of coffee with him. With beans from Ethiopia to El Salvador and an eclectic setting, Lords of


The Coast’s Best Smoothie Bowls

Smooth like a Sunday, lip-smackingly delicious, absolutely guilt-free and wickedly good for the soul, there is much to love about the latest breakfast trend - smoothie bowls.


This Little Piggy Stayed Home

There are a lot of Coasties who travel great distances to bring home the proverbial bacon. But some little piggies, like Nicole Shires, have figured out a way to stay home. The born and bred Coastie always wanted to own a cafe and for the last two years she has provided a homely hub for


Coast 175: a Coastal Chic cafe in Ettalong

With its white-washed walls, sunflower-striped awnings and a rusty old ship’s wheel, Coast 175 is like a bright and happy slice of the Mediterranean on the Coast’s Peninsula. Inside the corner street cafe, a glass float hangs on the wall like a misty half-fallen tear drop, pineapples lie in a beautiful wooden boat and a


Amour Ettalong

There is a boutique at the eastern end of Ettalong’s main road that sums up the way we feel about Ettalong – Amour Ettalong. We love it. With its trendy cafes, seaside dining, bustling bars and simple, natural beauty, there’s a lot to love about Ettalong. Since its waterfront has been revitalised, we’ve been spending



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