Coast 175


The Coast’s Top 10 Takeaway Coffees

As the Coast becomes increasingly chic, so too are the cafes, their baristas and the quality of the coffee. No matter where you live or wherever you’re visiting, rest assured there is somewhere to get your coffee fix. From the tip of Toukley to the edge of Ettalong, here’s our guide to the Coast’s top


Best Coastie Cafes for Wifi

Sometimes you just need to get connected. Whether you’re a digital nomad in search of some human interaction or just function better when matcha tea and turmeric lattes are on tap, cafes can provide the perfect backdrop for productivity. To help you stay connected no matter where you are on the Coast, here’s our pick of


Coast 175: a Coastal Chic cafe in Ettalong

With its white-washed walls, sunflower-striped awnings and a rusty old ship’s wheel, Coast 175 is like a bright and happy slice of the Mediterranean on the Coast’s Peninsula. Inside the corner street cafe, a glass float hangs on the wall like a misty half-fallen tear drop, pineapples lie in a beautiful wooden boat and a

Things to do

Coasties Cast Off at Woy Woy Festival

We’re well and truly hooked on the Central Coast’s sustainable seafood festival – Cast Off. Blessed with summer-in-autumn weather, the festival sprung to life under a powder blue sky, the sun shining down on Woy Woy’s picturesque waterfront as revellers poured into the Boulevarde. The brainchild of the family behind Woy Woy Fishermen’s Wharf (WWFW), it was a


Amour Ettalong

There is a boutique at the eastern end of Ettalong’s main road that sums up the way we feel about Ettalong – Amour Ettalong. We love it. With its trendy cafes, seaside dining, bustling bars and simple, natural beauty, there’s a lot to love about Ettalong. Since its waterfront has been revitalised, we’ve been spending