Chic Ways to be Well on the Coast

We tend to wear “busy” as a badge of honour these days.

If we’re lucky (or disciplined!) we might squeeze a workout into our schedule but it usually stops there.

Sometimes the best way to keep up with the speed of modern life is actually to slow down.

It’s so important to take the time to tend to our overall wellbeing – to go inward, to laugh, and to rejuvenate our hard-working bodies –  and it turns out the Coast has some great new ways to help you do just that.

Coastie life coach Kris Deminick from This Electrified Life samples a few new and innovative ways to be well right here on our doorstep.

Laughter yoga at Modern Organic, Long Jetty

Laughter yoga at Modern Organic, Long Jetty. Photo: Kiran Mallie

You will need to leave your ego and insecurities at the door for laughter yoga at Modern Organic. The Long Jetty cafe and yoga studio hosts one of three regular laughter yoga sessions every Saturday morning on the Coast, and I went along not knowing what to expect. The session is a combination of gentle movement and stretches, as well as lots of group LOLs. Led by Kirt Mallie, you are given a scenario or visualisation to help encourage your laughter rather than force it from nowhere. The most difficult thing I found was eye contact, as once locking eyes with another member my ego started playing the “embarrassment” track. The beautiful thing is no one in the room is judging. They wouldn’t be there if they were. I left feeling lighter, humble, connected with a group of strangers, surprisingly warm from the gentle movement, and having made a conscious choice of play over ego. These sessions are completely FREE so just go and share a laugh whenever you’re free.

Central Coast Float, Woy Woy

Central Coast Float, Woy Woy

If you’ve ever dreamt about shutting yourself off from the world in your own little love cocoon, then your dreams are answered at Central Coast Float at Woy Woy. The Dreampod float tank contains 1000 litres of water and 600kg of Epsom Salt making it so dense your body is suspended in float. For 60 minutes your breathing, heart rate and brain waves will slow down – hello meditative state of mind! The buoyancy of the water also relieves pressure and sore muscles, increases blood flow, and can help with joint or muscular pain. I experienced moments in a dreamlike state, with my relaxation deepening as my muscles gently twitched, loosened and let go. It’s totally dreamy.

To get the most out of your float:

  • Schedule it with no appointments afterwards if possible: it’s nice to have time to ride the relaxation wave rather than rush back into busy mode. You can enjoy tea on the patio lounge after your session if you have time.
  • Use the ear plugs provided: you don’t want to disturb your experience by getting out to find them once you’ve started if the sensation of water in your ears is uncomfortable.
  • Enjoy the shower afterward: you will be wearing crusty salt residue all day if you don’t, so you may as well make full use of the lovely facilities.
The Vibe wellness collective, Terrigal

The Vibe wellness collective, Terrigal

If you’ve been looking for your soul tribe, you may find it at The Vibe, a new wellness collective in Terrigal. Bringing together a group of holistic health practitioners under the roof of a once-upon-a-time backpackers hostel, this place has community and wellness at its heart. You’ll find chiropractic, massage, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, energetic healing, life coaching, nutrition + herbalism, yoga, Pilates, meditation, cooking demonstrations, and a soul filling calendar of special events to satisfy any need. The door is always open and you’ll be welcomed with loving arms.

Your Whole Body Health, Terrigal

Your Whole Body Health, Terrigal. Photo: Melissa Wright

Your Whole Body Health is a new boutique Pilates studio in Terrigal owned and operated by Melissa Wright. Melissa is as experienced, qualified and fun as Pilates instructors come. Offering small group, duet and private classes, the sessions are tailored just for you. I love the bright and spacious studio, and was amazed at how quickly Melissa read my movements, almost able to predict when and where I would need some assistance. You will be worked hard and activate muscles you didn’t know you had but it feels great. I left feeling taller, more nimble, and balanced. Melissa has years of experience with dancers, athletes and runners so if you’re in need of some specialised attention, this is the place to go. It’s located in the centre of Terrigal, close to ample parking, and deliciously close to lots of great cafes.


Kris is an electrically energetic yet deeply soulful life coach, fitness instructor, writer and speaker who is on a mission to make self help sexy and promote wellness on the Coast. She’s the sassy brunette behind life coaching business @ThisElectrifiedLife.